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FlyAlbion is the exclusively Business/First Class sector of Essexiair. Primarily flying supersonic Charter and Standard flights to Europe, FlyAlbion's motto of "Fly in Style" is truly honoured like no other airline. With Quality, Speed, and Reliability our priorities (In that order), there's no wonder why we are the go-to airline of many Corporate entities.

FlyAlbion Fleet


Aerospatiale/BAe Concorde | G-FLAA

Just like our parent airline, we operate the Concorde for both it's speed, medium capacity, range, and publicity. The FlyAlbion Concorde flies more expensive but higher quality routes from London Southend to Berlin and Oslo.

- G-FLAA 'William the Conqueror'

Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner | G-FLAB

If your not too worried about speed and would rather a more comfortable flight, our Dreamliners can fly you from London Southend to Charles-De-Gaulle and Dublin, still in considerable style.

- G-FLAB 'King George V'

Tupolev Tu-444 | G-FLAC

Our Tu-444 Business Jets are perfect for small groups flying together to closer destinations. Our 'Mach' Flight can take you from London Southend to Paris Charles-De-Gaulle in minutes, thanks to their quiet-supersonic engines.

- G-FLAC 'Catherine I'