Our fleet

Boeing 737-800 | G-ESXA

Our 737s can take you from our hub in Southend to Paris via a smooth yet speedy air route. Our Economy seats start from just £80 (400 Yen).

BAe/Aerospatiale Concorde | G-ESXB

The fastest plane on the market can comfortably hurl you from Southend to NYC in a matter of hours! Concorde Passes will be starting from £850 One way (4,250 Yen).

Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner | G-ESXC & G-ESXE

If you're looking for long distance travel in luxury, we've just the aircraft for you. One of the most advanced in our fleet, this airliner features a wide body design, efficient dual engine design, and even a Heads-Up Display for each pilot. Our Dream Liner flies you from Southend to Kennedy or Berlin starting from £400 per seat (2,000 Yen).

Virgin Galactic Sub-Orbital Shuttle | TBD

When this enters service, we'll be able to take you to the continent in style via a Sub-Orbital stratolauncher system.


Simbuddy [Beta Client]

Allows you to make flights on our routes, via the website.


Plugin for Flight Simulator X that allows Simbuddy to communicate with Game Data.


 Plugin for XPlane 9, 10 and 11 that allows Simbuddy to communicate with Game Data. 

Essexiair Liveries

Plane liveries for both FSX and XPlane are only available to airline staff. Please join to receive a link the livery files.