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 Although Essexiair is a renown Airline, we still mostly operate on Investors and Donations whilst we setup the Company. We would be grateful for any donations. Thank You. 

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Why should you Donate to us?

Supporting Small Businesses

Believe it or not, but Essexiair is a small business. IRL, we're non-profit, and simply want to operate as a small Virtual Airline for some people to have fun with. We're not as serious or established as someone like SkyCore or what MaldAir was, but we offer a small family of semi-serious flight simmers, with resources that are 'Good Enough'.

Speaking as myself, Jack, I have made and funded the entirety of this project out of my own wallet, not because I want to make a profit or brag on Reddit, but because I wanted a small VA that can boast Essexia's name and so that I could fly under my own Liveries.

In time, I hope membership will pick up, along with small donations. If this happens, we can hopefully pay or find someone willing to spruce up our resources, and one day perhaps create a safe and reliable software and Accounts system.

Until then, however, we'll keep this page open and updated, and we'll keep Essexiair flying above the skies of XPlane and FSX.

Jack D.

CEO of Essexiair

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If you want to know more about the Commonwealth of Essexia, I suggest checking out the MicroWiki by clicking the button below.