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This is an airline dedicated to its passengers, pilots, and supporters. Whether you're booking a flight, or applying to join, we'd like to make you feel at home.

About Us

Our Background

Since August 12th 2019, Essexiair has been the Official Airline of the Commonwealth's Government. Flying a wide array of Aircraft and Routes, we provide everything one needs for a pleasant flight, at a price anyone can afford.

Our Services

Whether you're looking for a cruise, plane tickets, accommodations, or the whole package, we have you covered! From Economy to First Class, we guarantee there's a package for you, your family, or your business.

Award-Winning Careers

How could we fly without our dedicated team of experts handling the aircraft, communications, and Company management? We're open to most applicants, and if you're interested please visit the Employment section.

Meet the Team


Our Team of Aircraft Pilots have logged hours of flight time and training in order to safely deliver you to your destination. If you're interested, please visit our Sign Up page for more information regarding our employment.


"My name's Jack, and I'm the Chief Executive Officer of EssexiAir Airlines. I founded and run the airline on behalf of his Majesty Emperor Terry, and I'd like to wish all of you a safe trip."


We employ a team of Air Traffic Controllers to guide our Aircraft and monitor their flightpath around the world. If you're interested, please visit the Sign Up page for more information.

Airports we operate in

London Southend


Our flagship Hub, with Train and Road connections directly to the Capital. Southend is also situated at the heart of Essexia.

Paris Charles De Gaulle


The Pride of Paris aviation, Charles De Gaulle is the perfect combination of quality  and quantity.

Berlin Brandenburg


Ich Bin Ein Berliner! This airport is a showcase of German efficiency, as you'll find out upon comfortable arrival in one of our Dream Liners.

Kennedy intl, NYC


Only the best for our customers! This luxurious, modern airport not only looks good, but boasts bus, train, and road connections directly to Manhattan.



'Where Scotland meets the World' is this new airport's motto, and it's also where it meets Essexia, in style! Modern and sleek, with a quaint Scottish charm, and right next to the city itself.

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